10 Medicare Supplement Plans Compared: Which one covers what?

As there are 10 different supplement plans to choose from, it gets hard to decide which one works best for you. The important thing to remember is that you need to inform yourself on the benefits that these supplement plans cover. After knowing what it being covered by Medicare supplement plans, it will be easier for you to adjust and find the one matching to your personal needs.

1) Medicare supplement plan A is the first type available. It is purchased at a smaller premium rate, therefore also covers only some of the benefits possible. Medicare supplement plan A will cover for: coinsurance due to part A hospital expenses, 365 additional days for hospice stay, three first pints of blood, the coinsurance expenses due to part B Medicare, the hospice co-insurance expenses, as well as preventive care.

2) Medicare supplement plan B is very similar to the Medicare supplement plan A. It covers for all the same benefits as the plan A does, with an additional benefit. Plan B will also cover for the Medicare supplement part A deductibles.

3) Medicare supplement plan C offers three more benefits than the supplement plan A. It will additionally cover for the Medicare supplement part A deductibles, the Medicare part B deductibles, expenses for a skilled nursing facility and for travel insurance.

4) Medicare supplement plan D covers for the same expenses that the supplement plan C does, apart from the Medicare part B deductible. This deductible would need to be paid out of one´s pocket. It therefore, even if after C, covers less benefits than the prior supplement plan. For anyone who is willing to pay the Medicare part B deductible themselves, this is a better choice than the plan C.

5) Medicare supplement plan F is known to be the most expensive one, but also the one that covers the most. In fact, it covers all of the benefits available!

6) The Medicare supplement plan G covers for all expenses, apart for the Medicare part B deductible.

7) Medicare supplement plan K will cover for part A hospital coinsurance, 365 additional days in the hospital and the preventive care co-insurance. These benefits will only be covered to 50%: part B coinsurance, deductibles of part A, hospice coinsurance, three pints of bloods and skilled nursing facility.

8) Medicare supplement plan L also has a co-sharing plan and covers the benefits that plan K covers only up to 50% at up to 75%. If 50% co-sharing is too much for you, switching to plan L might turn out to be a better financial move.

9) The Medicare supplement plan M covers for all expenses, except for the part B deductible and excess charges.

10) The Medicare supplement plan N is similar to the plan M, except that it covers for the part B co-insurance up to a certain point. You would still need to pay an amount for this one out of your own pocket.