Services That Are Not Offered Under Medical Insurance Plans

When people pick among the best Medicare Advantage Plans, they usually don’t go through all the clauses and the details. They usually miss out on a few important details only to find out later that their insurance doesn’t cover the services they wanted. There are a few basic services that almost none of the Plans cover and you must know about them before you sign up with an insurance company. Here is a list of those services:

  1. Dental health services for adults are not covered under any medical care plan by the Government. If you want any general or cosmetic dental treatment, then you will have to pay out of your own pocket. However, there may be a few private insurances that cover your dental care bills.
  2. Another important service that almost all the plans leave out is the optical service for the children. If your child needs glasses and you want his eyesight to be checked, you will have to pay for that service. You will eventually also pay for his glasses.
  3. If you are looking for a liposuction surgery or any other weight loss surgery, then it needs to be paid for out of your pocket too. Only 10% of the health plans allow people to have a weight loss surgery.
  4. If you need therapies to relax yourself and those therapies are not medicine related, then you need to pay for them as well. For example, therapies like Acupuncture or similar therapies are not paid for by the insurance plans. So, if you have a chronic pain in your joints, neck or back, you should probably search for other treatment plans that you don’t have to pay for.
  5. Although a very few plans allow you to get nursing care, mostly all of them don’t pay if you require nursing. You can either look up for a private plan or you will have to fund for the nursing yourself.  Get a humana advantage plan for 2019 here
  6. Even though weight loss programs are a must for optimized health and fitness but they are not funded by government healthcare plans. If you are into fitness, then you will have to find a way to pay for them.
  7. For couples who face problems getting pregnant, insurance doesn’t offer any infertility treatment. This lack of coverage tears apart families and there have been a lot of debates about allowing these treatments in the plans but there hasn’t been any luck so far.
  8. The most common thing that everyone is aware of is cosmetic surgery which is not included any plan. No matter whether you want a laser treatment for your acne or want facelifts, Botox or lipoplasty, you cannot rely on insurance for the copayments.
  9. None of the insurance covers long-term care. If you have a disability or a chronic condition and you need help for a longer duration, then you will have to look for another way to pay for them. Other than that, most of the insurance companies also don’t offer vision and hearing services for adults.